Friday, July 22, 2011

A Big Step

So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond the past weekend, thinking it was about time I bought some kitchen supplies so I can actually do some real cooking (as opposed to boiling ramen noodles and microwaving leftovers). I came out with a spatula, cutting board, some knives, and a beautiful, sleek saute pan! I was pretty psyched.

Though I would've been a little more excited if I'd gotten one of these:

One day. It will be mine. But for now, the saute pan has reached the status of DIANE'S NEW OBSESSION. I kind of love it. Don't judge.

This one addition to my (very limited) collection of cooking accessories allows me to do so much more in the kitchen! Before, I could only dream about pancakes, stir-fry, pasta, and omelettes. But now when I feel like making any of these, I can just grab my handy dandy saute pan, pop into the kitchen, and whip up a little somethin for myself!

Easier said than done, that's for sure.

My first attempt at "legit cooking" was fried rice with my roommate. We used pre-cooked rice that she made in her rice cooker, plus some frozen vegetables, yellow squash, tomatoes, eggs, and chicken breast.

The hardest part was probably figuring out what to do first, making sure that we were preparing and cooking everything in an efficient manner. One of us sauteed the vegetables in olive oil while the other scrambled the eggs. Then, we mixed them together and divided the ingredients evenly into our separate pans. Chicken was thrown in, as was some garlic powder and more oil in preparation for frying the rice!

Yeah so we quite a bit of a mess. But hey, the rice turned out fabulously! Even the bottom part of the rice got slightly crusted over on the pan, resulting in a desirable chewy texture.

I poured myself a gigantic serving and sat happily in one of the comfy sofas in the lounge with the bowl in my lap, proceeding to watch the movie playing on ABC Family while noshing on my fried rice. Food is definitely much more satisfying when you've made it yourself!

 And there was plenty left over to bring to work for lunch during the week. Actually, I'll admit I had to stop myself from eating it all; it was so good. So yeah, pretty happy about my saute pan investment. Next up on my list are some blueberry pancakes - can't wait!


  1. Oh wow, Diane can finally cook! Isn't cooking so fun?

    Seriously though, that looks DELICIOUS.

  2. The fired rice looks delicious. Good investment on your saute pan. I can't wait to taste your fired rice and am proud of your cooking skill.