Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Chocolate Room (Brooklyn)

Went on a Brooklyn adventure a couple days ago with some friends from school. Since it's so far away (an hour by subway), it's an area we rarely get to visit. And since summer is coming to a close, it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of the free time we have left to go do some exploring. After doing some research, we found that a must-eat in Brooklyn is their ice cream sandwich. Can't say I'm opposed to that!

Some deliberation led us to a place called The Chocolate Room. But really, how can one resist going to a restaurant with a name like that? Fairly small, like all the other shops in Prospect Heights, the interior was pretty classy-looking, dimly lit, and smelled wonderfully of chocolate :D

Yes, we were there for ice cream sandwiches. But upon looking at the menu, the decision of what to order became infinitely harder. There was a brownie fudge sundae, flourless chocolate cake with raspberry ganache, and a huge assortment of different cupcakes and cookies. The waiter also brought us complimentary mini-saucers of their Valrhona chocolate sorbet, which was absolutely divine. Good marketing strategy for sure. After a long period of stress, the three of us all opted to get the banana rum ice cream sandwiched between two peanut butter salted chocolate chip cookies. 

Aside from the Good Humor kind that comes in bulk from Costco, I'd never had a legit ice cream sandwich before. This was definitely 1000x better! The cookies were a harmonious blend of salty and sweet, and super buttery - I had to wipe my fingers after every glorious bite I took. The ice cream was super rich with a strong banana-y taste, a perfect combination with the peanut butter cookies. The only bothersome thing about this was the fact that it was super cold and hard, so it was a bit difficult to bite into. But the sandwich stayed intact the whole time, which was awesome :)

What a beaut. Hehe. I was so sad when it was all gone. 

On the way out, I felt like since I was in a chocolate shop after all, I got a truffle with red chili & tangerine ganache. It was one of the first few times I've had chocolate with chili in it, and I must say that I'm a huge fan! Just love the extra kick of spiciness along with the smooth texture of the chocolate.

Of all the things I tried in the Chocolate Room, my favorite would actually be the Valrhona chocolate sorbet. Next time I come here (oh yes, there WILL be a next time), I think I'll be ordering the full size of this. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this marvelous dessert cuz I finished it off so fast...

Ultimately, for chocolate lovers, this place is a definite must-try! Even the smell of this place is just heavenly. I wish I had a room freshener that smelled like chocolate...though I would probably just be drooling and craving chocolate 24/7. So I guess I'll be saving my chocolate escapades for more Brooklyn adventures in the future!

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