Friday, September 9, 2011

Vine Sushi & Sake (115th & Broadway)

Ah, another school year has begun. Despite the piles of work that has already been dumped onto us during this first week, it really is great to be back on campus with friends again. And as a second-year who no longer needs to be on a ridiculously large meal plan, I absolutely love being at school in the city where I can dine out regularly...even on school nights! As absurd as it sounds, eating out is often on par, if not cheaper, than using meal swipes at the dining hall. Yes, my school is that crazy.

Yesterday, I went to a favorite place of mine right outside of my dorm: Vine Sushi & Sake. It's a neat little Japanese restaurant, with a modern vibe and kick-ass sushi. Even though I'd been there half a dozen times before, it took me forever to settle on a dish. Aside from sushi, Vine offers many other types of Asian choices, such as ramen, yakisoba, teriyaki, curries, and even pad thai. I had a delicious bowl of ramen last time I was there, so last night I opted for sushi: the "Columbia Roll".

Perfect choice for me. Not only does it have the right name to celebrate being back at school, the dish had exactly the combination of ingredients I was in the mood for: salmon and yellowfin atop a shitake, oshinko, cucumber, and asparagus roll. The jalepeño supplied just the right amount of kick (I've definitely developed a taste for spicy things lately), and the caviar added a lovely splash of color and texture. And classiness. Hehe.

The pieces were on the bigger side, so the only difficult part was figuring out whether to stuff the entire thing into my mouth or take a bite and watch the concoction fall apart. But it tasted good nevertheless - very fresh with the right amount of crunch from the veggies and tenderness from the sashimi. I'd never had oshinko before (the yellow radish inside the roll), but I really like it! It has this tangy zing that compliments the fish perfectly. Dipped in soy sauce with a dab of wasabi and a touch of baby ginger, every bite was savored, whether it fell apart or not :P

Oh and I have to show what my friend got: the vegetable miso ramen. It was gigantic.

Seriously could feed a small family. And so delicious, too. Next time I find myself feeling ravenous, I know exactly where I'm gonna go!

Yeah, being a student here pretty much rocks. I love having options and exploring new things, and consider myself so lucky to live in a place as eclectic as NYC. And I know I've been here for over a year already, but it's something I just can't get over...guess I'm just an city girl through and through. So excited that it's only the beginning of a new school year and I can take the time to hang out and expand my (food) horizons. The academics and stress will inevitably take over and I'll be chowing on PB&J sandwiches over a textbook, it's possible that blog updates will get a little more sparse. But I know life is short, and there is much to enjoy, so there is no doubt that I will continue to adventure my way through the big apple, one bite at a time. :)

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